Our Community

Each film extend could be a lesson. And an opportunity to share your unique inventive voice and message! Here are some of our favorite ventures, made by individuals of the Lights Film School community – understudiesgraduated class, and in a few cases, instructors. We’ve handpicked each and each one to allow you an thought of the kind of work our individuals are creating around the world. 

 From fiction to narrativesentimental comedy to frightfulness, a wide extend of sorts, voices, and inventive dreams are spoken tocoming to back to Lights Film School’s initiation in 2007. Some movies are super cleaned and prepared for prime time. Others are works-in-progress and unpleasant around the edges, but they speak to energizing potential. 

 filmmaker sets out on their claim travel of development and disclosure. Our grandstand playlist highlights promising producers at each organize. Who knows? Maybe one day your film will be included here, too. For presently, pop a few popcorn, dim the lights, and appreciate the appear!