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We are The Star of The West filming team. We are making best 2020 Wild West movies and we are trying to reincornaty the western genre of the movies. So we decided to share our ideas with you. So here you can see our works, meet our filming team, become more familiar with filming and westerns. We hope that our content will be interesting for you and, well, who knows, may be some day you will make our dream come true.

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We are going to show you how exactly the filming process looks like.


Our content is funny and you will always smile while watching our videos or readin articles.


Westerns are the most underrated genre of cinema. We will make you feel like the sheriff that holds the city


You will have a chance to see the most beautiful landscapes of the west that you have never senn before.

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HGH injections are synthetically derived medicine for those with low naturally occurring growth hormones. A large population is inclined to check where to buy HGH online and use them regularly. These injections are one of the most popular ways to increase muscle mass. This is done when your body produces more HGH than it should, resulting in increased and accelerated muscle development. 

If you’re looking to boost your performance, you might be considering taking HGH shots as a shortcut. But it is important to get a close-up look at this drug and its effects on human health first. Whether or not you decide to inject these into your system, make sure that you’re aware of all of its potential benefits and risks before finalizing your decision. Your health is your priority, and it requires utmost care from you.

What is HGH?

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. It’s a natural compound that sends signals to the body to produce more muscle mass and increase your metabolism. You can find this hormone in your blood, but its levels naturally start to drop after around 40 years of age. This is why so many people start looking for ways to increase their HGH production.

Some people are born with low levels of HGH hormone, but when you enter into your 30s or 40s , you’re more likely affected by the decline in HGH levels than if you hadn’t reached those ages before. Another common reason people start looking for ways to boost their HGH levels is that it helps build a physique, enhance performance and helps to get in better shape. 

Is It Safe To Take HGH?

It’s always smart to consider the pros and cons before taking any drug. A lot of research has been done about HGH vs testosterone, but most of it is geared towards athletes looking for ways to optimize their performance. Taking either hormone can give you an edge over your competition and improve your overall performance. Still, it is important to get all the vital information before using any of these options. 

As a natural hormone that’s actually in your body, the possible side effects of HGH are pretty low. This is because these HGH injections promote the production of growth hormones son your body. This way, the only natural hormone is created in your system, unlike testosterone. Some more serious side effects you could experience from taking HGH include low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and sleep disturbances. However, these aren’t uncommon with most drugs and should be considered before deciding to use them.

The effects of HGH depend majorly on the person consuming and the type of HGH injections pens for sale used. It is often seen that a person with health-related problems faces most side effects on using HGH. To avoid any harm to your body, make sure you get tested as medically fit to start using these synthetic growth booster hormones.c

Sleep – One of the most essential requirements for a healthy life is often taken for granted or neglected by most of the world. Many people try to maximize their productivity by increasing their “wakeful” time and cutting back on sleep. However, a good night’s sleep for an average of 7 hours is very important.

Japanese And Sleep

Recent studies and data collected from various sources have shown the Japanese sleep less than the average 7 to 7.5 hrs of sleep that is believed to be necessary. This is not because they wake up very early, but because they go to bed late. Though the Japanese are very well known for taking small naps on their long commutes in metros and other public transports, they still sleep less than the rest of the world.

Despite sleeping so little, how do the Japanese get enough rest to focus and achieve everything they do? It might have something to do with their sleeping habits.

Where Do They Sleep?

Japanese are known for sleeping on the floor. However, this does not mean the cold tiled floor but on mattresses laid out on the floor rather than the comfortable king and queen-sized beds commonly used in western countries.

The Japanese use Tatami mats on their floors. These can either be permanent or foldable, used at night and kept away during the day. The Japanese futon is also commonly used in bedding.

These futons are not very thick like the ones used in western countries. On the contrary, they are only three to four inches thick and are filled with cotton instead of regular foam. Today, many use Western-style pillows as they are less prickly and noisy when compared to traditional Japanese-style pillows.

Why Is This Recommended

Opting for a Japanese style of sleep arrangement can be very beneficial in many ways. Here are a few:

  • Since the bedding can be folded and stored away when not in use, it takes up much less space than the permanent cots and mattresses used in other countries.
  • The beds are not very thick, and cotton is much thinner than foam. Hence this provides a hard surface to sleep on when used on the floor. This offers good back support and does not cause various aches and soreness common with thick western mattresses.
  • Co-sleeping with kids and other family members when one has guests is a common phenomenon in Japanese culture. With futons and other temporary beddings, several people can sleep in one room.
  • These beds are easy to transport, be it for an outdoor vacation or just to change houses. One can always sleep in one’s bed and get a good night’s sleep anywhere.

Why Should We Adopt Their Sleep Habits

Adopting the habit of sleeping on the floor like the Japanese can do all of us some good. 

  • Sitting on chairs and beds has removed the need to sit on the floor or bend or legs and knees beyond a point. Our bodies have become stiff over time and will only worsen with more comfortable furniture finding its way into our homes.
  • With a Japanese-style sleeping, one will have to get down on all fours before lying down and getting some rest.
  • The need to put away the bedding will bring in the sense of discipline and help us tidy up after ourselves, from a very young age.

Buying that futon bed will improve your health, make your living space look bigger, and add to the aesthetics of your home.

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